Fun Guys

Fun Guys
  •   Latest Version : 1.15.4
  •   Updated On: 2021, 01, 25
  •   Size: 132M
  •   Author : GreenPixel Ltd
  •   Download : 1
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Want to play a unique battle royale game with a hint of Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout? Download Fall Guys today and enjoy a crazy game full of obstacles, costumes and fun times.

In this game, you’ll play with dozens of people on matches filled with different obstacles. There are moving ones and there are simple barricade ones as well. But the fun aspect of it would be the silly characters.

In this game, you can unlock different costumes such as a wolf, a despicable me character, a soda and many more. There are a lot of different activities that you’ll need to clear until only one player remains!

Play with your friends and with random people online in this fun and crazy game now. Unlock a lot of rewards, costumes, and achievements!